Design against the invisibility of homelessness

The map created by the designer, shows the reality of homelessness in Porto and want to draw society’s attention to the subject. Andreia is looking for partners to continue the project.

When passing on Praça da Republica in Porto, after an outing with friends, Andreia Barbosa ran into about 30 people to sleep under the arches of a building. It was with that sense of “punch in the stomach,” she realized, for the first time how the homeless can become invisible to society, as that reality had spent so much time next to him, I had never really stopped to think in the subject.

Later, a draft of the third year of Communication Design at the School of Art & Design (ESAD) at Matosinhos, Andreia Barbosa returned to the theme. With work Oporto Homeless wanted “to call the attention of society” to a controversial topic and make a picture of your city.

A “completely unrealistic”, comments the conclusion designer who spent three months doing research on the ground and in contact with associations, hostels and people dedicated to the cause.

Triangles portray an “irregular” city

Identified the key point, Andrea went into a “triangulation Land” and was hand-building a map of the city: “A higher concentration of smaller triangles reflect a higher concentration of homelessness,” explained.

The map constructed by Andreia Barbosa does not disclose numbers, but reveals trends: is in downtown Porto which concentrates the majority of people homeless. “Being in a central location is advantageous, is where there are more people, there is less danger and where associations distribute meals,” explained, adding that the stain is also more significant in “places where there are hostels Night” and “next to neighborhoods problematic as Aleixo”.

The choice of the triangle was not made at random: “It is, in my view, the most perplexing geometric shape and is also related to a metaphor of the roof of the shelter.” For three days, with the help of a friend, glued by hand 170 tetrahedra in a plane that had previously printed.

Andreia discovered an city “irregular, which shares a utopian vision of purity and perfection, where there is no place for problems and their smearing”.

Now, she – who works as a fashion designer for about 10 years – wants to partner in order to do a “digital version” of the project. “I wish there was a platform that would make the most organic and liable for the ongoing project. Why is unfortunately likely that there are already more homeless now than there were when I finished my map”.

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