Fantasporto 2014 at the level of the best editions

It is true that there are at least 20 years that Fantasporto extended its scope to other types of cinema that not only the fantastic. But it is no less true that a Fantasporto without witches, spooks, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and the undead would not be the same.

It draws one of the best selections of films that I remember, at least in the fantastic area. After the first day marked by the vampires passed to the ghosts. A beautiful British tape, filmed in Wales whose remind the irresistibly mountains of Tras-os-Montes, refers to the boundaries between love and death, passion and jealousy. Was “Soulmate” Axelle Carolyn.

In an ironic but very well filmed and proving the extraordinary vitality of the fancicful Spanish cinema, “Viral” Lucas Figueroa, a tape on a Madrid store FNAC record that is haunted. With the curiosity of Figueroa Fantasporto be a passionate and have chosen to open the festival with his first work.

Militating in a lower division but, nevertheless, interesting, an American science fiction film, “The Human Race” by Paul Hough (the key to the film is the pun in english enabled by the double meaning of the word: race) and how could not miss, a ribbon of zombies “gore” but nonetheless visible: “Stalled” British Christian James.

And because the real monsters do not come from a supernatural dimension but can live beside us, wear a suit and tie, talking on TV and eventually rule us, reference to two well-made thrillers: an American who would not be badly on the side of “Fargo” or “no Country for Old Men,” the work “Cold Comes the Night” Tze Chun and an Israelite for a pair of filmmakers who had passed by Fantasporto: “Big Bad Wolves” Aaron and Keshales Navot Papushado, worthy of a Tarantino.

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