Old school distinguished by Architizer

Opened in July 2013, the Centro de Informação do Românico de Paredes appears “like a house inside the house,” a “landed inside the existing space that responds to the initial geometry massive” volume describes the architects responsible. With draft Cabinet Space Workers also Paredes, this center consists in a kind of container, placed in the nave of the old Conde Ferreira Primary School, around which you can walk. “On one hand, a monolithic volume with a central door is ‘auditorium’, the other a cropped volume is reception and shop.” The Centro de Informação do Românico de Paredes received a honourable mention in Architizer awards 2014 in the category of government and municipal buildings. The projects of the 103 House in Ferragudo, and Social Complex for seniors in Alcabideche were also distinguished in these awards.

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