Olivae, Natural Soaps

The Olivae arises from the hands of Elza Neto and Carla Janeiro, and their willingness to contribute to the enhancement of local resources existing quality in Portugal, especially in the Alentejo region, where they reside.

With the care of artisan methods to produce Olivae from the finest virgin olive oil, goat breed streamer, beeswax and organic essential oils, natural soaps of high quality, which provide a deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Simultaneously, favors the use of indigenous raw materials, in order to contribute to the enhancement of natural resources and local economies.

The Olivae offers a unique soap formulated with the simplicity of artisanal know-how. The saponification process soaps Olivae consists solely at the junction of fatty acids (olive oil) the alkali elements (sodium hydroxide), an ancestral knowledge attributed to the Arabs even in the century. XIII.

All the ingredients are top quality and are carefully selected to contribute to the promotion of local economies and sustainability of resources. These principles are assured favoring the establishment of partnerships with local producers to supply the raw materials needed. Are example of this collaboration established with the Agricultural Cooperative of Portel and the Portuguese Association of Caprinicultores Coil Race.

The biological essential oils, which provide various flavorings to Olivae soaps, also come from producers framed in strict quality standards and are produced by steam distillation of water from the Portuguese flora species. To scent the soaps Olivae any chemicals are used.

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