Portuguese atelier receives honorable mention in international award

The Portuguese architects João Araújo Sousa and Joana da Silva received an honorable mention in an international architectural competition in the United States. The “Flagship” project was awarded thousand dollars (around € 737) in Sunbrella Shade Future of Competition, sponsored by Architizer platform and the company brand Sunbrella fabrics.

Both with age 34 and trained at the School of Architecture of Porto (ESAP), João and Joana devised a building “that combines the transparency of glass with shade provided by Marina resistant Sunbrella fabric.” The winking to the Portuguese reality, the “Flagship” was thought to coastal areas. “The idea was to create a small pavilion that offered some refuge by the sea and sun protection. We tried to create a free pavilion where these shadows create some momentum among themselves”, explained John.

“We have tried to innovate and use the fabric also in banks: thus we have the people sitting in this same flag” continues the architect of Porto. “Flagship” materializes into sections of structural glass “combined with a sequence of flags suspended [240] and rhythmic casting shadows that change throughout the day”.

João Sousa says that the project – and its name – is a mix between “the boat who led a squad in the time of sailing, and trade today, in which the anchor store and called ‘flagship’.” There are also prospects for the project to be realized. John justifies the difficulty with the fact that it is made of glass, which makes it a “bit pricey”. “It’s ambitious and constructive part in the art”.

Of the jury, which took place between 18 February and 11 April, took part Marc Kushner (Architizer), Fred Bernstein (The New York Times), Diana Balmori (Balmori Associates) and Campbell Scott (Rainier Industries). The architect Tony Leung was the winner of the second edition, with the “Xafari Modular Rainwater Harvesting Pavilion” project and received ten thousand U.S. dollars (about € 7300). There was yet another honorable mention awarded to Rojkind Arquitectos + Dieguez Fridman, by Yanay Hotel: 19 single “bungalows” with a “reinterpretation of traditional polygonal tent fabric”.

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