Portuguese Comics nominated for three awards

The comic book “The infinite love I have and other histories”, the Portuguese author Paulo Monteiro, is nominated for three awards BD in France. Already awarded in Portugal, the project was launched in the country in June, Six Pieds Sous by publisher Terre and since then it has received favourable reviews from the media.

That which is the debut work of Paulo Monteiro is thus named for best comics in three separate awards: ”Prix Sheriff D’or 2013”, awarded by the bookstore Esprit BD (Clermont-Ferrand); “Prix Bulles Crystal 2014”, created by the bookstore Ange Bleu, south of Paris; “Prix Lycéen De La BD Midi-Pyrénées in 2014”, indicated by the students of the schools of the Pyrénées.

The book brings together ten stories, made between 2005 and 2010, claiming, in a poetic and fearless way about love and its impossibility. Published in France with the title “L’amour pour toi j’ai that infinite”, the book has been voted for the best album of 2011 in Comics International Festival Amadora BD.

Moreover, the book has also been translated and published in Spain and Poland, and in 2014, will arrive in Brazil, the UK and Serbia, and in 2015, South Korea. Since it was launched for the French bunker, it has been the target of great criticism from specialized media and even some general newspapers, for example, Le Monde.

Paulo Monteiro, responsible for the comic’s festival of Beja, is now working on a second book, which will be published between 2015 and 2016. Speaking to Lusa, the author tells you to “stop writing in January or February,” taking too long in this process because like much of my work. “I love what I do here in Beja, and then the time left me is not always to write and draw,” he says.

Currently, Paulo Monteiro has exposed part of their work in the gallery Ghost World, in Porto, in a joint exhibition with the author and illustrator of comics Susa Monteiro.

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