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About Feel

Ecological designed mattress based on soya. The fabric is bio-ecological and has natural soya thread.

Breathable core in polyurethane HR of soya, with Healthy HR technology. Contains profiled cuts with different comfort zones for ergonomic support. This mattress is environmentally friendly. It reduces the number of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. They are used in your production materials based on natural products, which are extracted from agricultural production.

Incorporates memory foam of the latest generation, Memobody, which slowly absorbs your weight, for a relaxing effect.

Manufactured mattress, allowing perfect finishes.

Hygiene: Removable pockets. Strip in 3D Fabric: optimizes air circulation inside.

Certifications: Award for Environmental Performance; Thread of Soya; Öko-Tex Standard 100; Certipur™; BIOCELL®; Viscoflex®.

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