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Leading trends in furniture and interior decoration in Portugal, since its beginning, ANTARTE is a national brand, born in 1999, with its own design. Along the bold and innovative proposals introduced on market, the brand produces, in its own factory, collections that combine three essential values – comfort, elegance and quality -, which, associated to after-sales service, make it the only national company with seal of commitment with the client.

Present from the north to south of the country, the company counts on thirteen national spaces, and also in six international markets, ANTARTE ensures a close relationship, dedicating, from the beginning, to free interior decoration projects, ensuring personalized environments, tailored to each client.

The brand completes the store line with a dynamic online presence in the internet and in the social networks, making those the main vehicles to communicate and divulgate the brand tendencies.

According to its signature “Design for your life”, ANTARTE keeps trying to develop the most innovative trends, which authenticity is signed with the brand stamp in each piece.

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