CAIFIL – Celestino Azevedo & Filho Lda.
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CAIFIL MÓVEIS with 60 years of existence has honored the area of classic furniture adapting each piece to changing times and trends. The craftsmanship and excellent finishing enhances the beauty and functionality of each model, this has put this company in a prestigious position in the market.
In close cooperation with the designer Ana Ribeiro from the company Murmur, who sought the union between the rigor and the expertise used in this company with a contemporary language, introducing the value of design in CAIFIL.

Apart from the CAIFIL collections presented in catalogs, the company also develops pieces of furniture by measure, and provides product development for furniture projects by architects, designers and interior designers seeking to respond to all customer requirements. In this partnerships we need to mention the experience that the company has gained in the production of special furniture for the hotel business.

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