Ferreira de Sá, 50 - Silvalde
4501-853 Espinho
P. +351 913 935 512
F. +351 227 333 070
Ferreira de Sá

Luxury custom-made carpets since 1946

Weaving your dreams, in an unique style!

The greatest desire for Ferreira de Sá, is not to be one of the greatest producers of bespoke rugs, but to provide the best services to those that seek us to make their dreams come true; a personal and/or public (contract) space, timeless, where excellence and creativity are appreciated. From a Portuguese family business, situated in a village with a tradition of hand-woven tapestries, Tapeçarias Ferreira de Sá evolved to a large-scale organisation, constantly expanding and improving its factory, designing an industrial unit with a solid and automated structure, while taking care not to neglect the origins and tradition of the art of weaving.

All our carpets are custom-made and for us every project is unique and personalized, bearing in mind the personalities and tastes of those that choose them. We have accepted the challenge of cooperating alongside architects and interior designers, who work with highly demanding customers, fully aware that fashions are temporal but quality and elegance are not.

Your imagination is the limit…

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