GRAFIKWALLS, project of design wallpapers, gather some of the best Portuguese urban artists.

Bruno Santinho ( Quillograma ), Diogo Machado (Add Fuel To The Fire), Gonçalo Mar, João Rei ( CantSurfNaked ), Klit, Mike Tunna, Margarida Girão, Mosaik, Paulo Arraiano (Yup) e Vanessa Teodoro (Super Van) bring their artist work, adjusted to interior design.

João Rei (CantSurfNaked), one of the artists, is the mentor and responsible for the project management. The distribution is in the hands of PEDROSO & OSÓRIO company.

The group includes designers, illustrators, writers (graffiti), plastic artists and a designer/tattooist.

GRAFIKWALLS, more than a commercial product or a promotion of the artists and communication partners, is an unequivocal proof of young Portuguese creators, realizing partnerships with national success businesses.

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