Rua João Vieira, 455
4435-043 Rio Tinto
T. +351 914 471 689
F. +351 252 858 489
About Homeland

Homeland represents the values of the place where we are born; an autumnal place of an inner light with a serene and protector spirit. Recreating the image of an ancient cottage, with irregular whitewashed walls, Homeland is a piece that results from a thorough handmade work and each piece turns out to be unique, endowed by unrepeatable details.

Compact in appearance, with a demanding design and a refined woodwork, this sideboard seems to be an impenetrable "wall". However, it is usable and responds to the various support functions for a dining room.


CENTRAL DOORS AND INTERIOR | The "heart" of the Home

Homeland dimensions: H 46,46” x W 50,79” x D 17,80”

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