Rua João Vieira, 455
4435-043 Rio Tinto
T. +351 914 471 689

The INSIDHERLAND brand is dedicated to high quality Furniture Design. The name results from an assemblage of words that, involving a real personality, evoke a new Land to explore.

The Essence of INSIDHERLAND results from the compatibility between real and imaginary, past and future, local and universal, functional and art. We return to our roots, to the comfort and harmony, to the serenity and naturalness of things because we believe that the symbolic essence of art results from devotion to the senses as well as the appreciation of figurative experience.

The creative path of INSIDHERLAND is based on a set of values such as conceptual accuracy and framework in different contexts. Through a detachment process and abstraction, we create analogies that turn into concepts, in which the emotional values and traditional culture become anchors of an interpretive evolution where memories of the past are always present.

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