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Mestre Cacau

Created in 2005, the mestre cacau company is the result of large months of study and development of an idea borned about three years ago. A lot of inspiration came from Switzerland, the chocolate country, but mostly, from Belgium, which impressed with big quantity and variety of candy and chocolate.

To understand why candy and chocolate are so appreciated in Belgium, we have to walk the slender and narrow streets that begin from Grand Place.

No doubt it was the beauty of little “chocolateries” ad the joy of who visited them that convinced the three partners to launch this innovator project of candy and chocolate in Beja’s heart.

At this point, mestre cacau is dedicated exclusively to handmade candy and chocolates, using selected raw material and their own recipes.

Among the best specialities we find the Alentejo & Chocolate serie with medronho candies, Mértola mountain honey candies, rosemary truffles and Alentejo wine candies.

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