RECER – Indústria de Revestimentos Cerâmicos, SA
Apartado 20
3771-953 Oliveira do Bairro
P. +351 234 730 500
F. +351 234 730 502
About Purple Stone Sahara

PURPLE STONE is the perfect approach to natural purple stone, with all the treasure obtained with the tonality differentiation inside the same color.

Available in a “plus” version with slip resistance details, so it is appropriated to exteriors and, also, in soft version, indicated for interiors and frontages solutions


PURPLE STONE PLUS: 30x60 and 45x45

PURPLE STONE: 30x60, 30x60R, 45x45 and 45x45R

COLORS: Sahara, Suez and Cairo

COMPLEMENTS: Pavement 30x60 and 30x60, step, footer and all combinations Recer offers in “multi” cut solutions.

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