Tela Bags

From trash to trends. At TELA BAGS we turn waste into ideas. Materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill are reused and transformed into a wide range of accessories.

We started in 2006 with pvc banners, sourced from a variety of different partners such as Museums, Theatres, Advertising Departments and Trade Fairs. The TELA BAGS brand was launched with a collection of bags designed for the fashion conscious and ecofriendly crowd.

We like to surprise, so we renew our model designs every season as well as introducing new waste materials into our collections.

For a neon summer look, we used leftover kite surf sails to make a range of trendy bags. The latest materials to be transformed into original accessories are car seat covers. Leftovers from the auto industry have been transformed into original and elegant handbags. Check out the DRIVE Line to see the results.

And new ideas are always in the pipeline..

There is one thing that we don´t change: our focus on quality.

The materials we use have imperfections (after all, this is stuff that has been used), but everything else is top quality. This is why our production facilities are only in the EU, to assure quality control at every step.

Each Tela Bag is hand–cut and individually planned, making the best use of both graphics and quality details to create each original product. This means every TELA BAG is unique.

Have a look at how we make our bags – we take great care in all the details that go into making each TELA BAG.

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